Albina Toritsina
32 y.o, congenital hand anomaly

«A person with any kind of disability always has a wealth of experience that deserves respect.


“My hand made me feel especially shy. Because of my secluded way of life, I spent less time with other children and had fewer chances of falling into bad company. So, my disability protected me from the mistakes I could have made if I were just like everybody else.


“Of course I was taunted. I wanted to be like everybody else and not to fall out. But at some point you become tired of the fact that everybody laughs at you and you are crying. The peer pressure I had to handle has made me stronger. I’m also more sensitive toward others because of all the bullying I had to face as a child.


“My participation in this project is a way to embrace my social responsibility. As a child, I used to lack a role model—someone with a similar issue who had become successful. I hope that my example will inspire others and help them overcome their challenges. It is always possible to see your defects as an opportunity rather than a problem.


“The outside should never be a decisive factor. If I see that people react too strongly to my physical appearance, I lose interest in them because they have already demonstrated how narrow-minded they are. It is a great philter when dealing with people.


An immature person can be affected by social pressure and conventional beauty standards, and the impact may be very negative. For my own part, I am indifferent toward whatever is happening on the mass market, so to speak. I have my own established system of values.

Everything passes. The people you encounter may say something mean to you and not even remember it next day. And you will be left with a mark or even a scar on your heart. Do not allow a petty encounter to spoil your life. How happy your future will be depends solely on you».