Anna Zubova
38 y.o, vitiligo

“I’ve had vitiligo since I was nine. We were in Sochi with my parents, I swam and then I noticed a little white spot on my knee. At first, naturally, everybody was really frightened: we started to visit doctors, professors. Meanwhile, the spot was “feeling good” and was only getting bigger, and its “relatives” began to cover my whole body at the same time.


Vitiligo is a disorder of the melanin elaboration of the skin; because of it some parts of the skin lose their color – white spots appear. It’s only a cosmetic defect which doesn’t influence the general state of health.

My doctor has said: “If you took the crowd of people and made them feel stressed: one person would get vitiligo, another - psoriassis, the third one - acne”. Everybody reacts differently to emotional stress.”


The disease was in progress when I was a teenager. At that time it was certainly very uneasy.

Everyone was constantly asking what these spots were – and I had to answer that I was sunbathing with ribworts stuck – I said this way I liked it better.

As a matter of fact, vitiligo is a natural tattoo. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. 


With aging, I’ve understood that I love my body and accept it just as it is. One day you become indifferent to what other people will think about you. I wouldn’t like to change anything. I wouldn’t like to get rid of vitiligo either. Perhaps, due to it I grew more self-confident and decisive. Nowadays I even derive pleasure from some additional attention to my peculiarity on the beach.


I am what I am. With all my natural tattoos. I can’t even imagine myself without them. Vitiligo is my innate decoration”.