Veronika Rogozhina

25 y.o, stage 4 scoliosis

Some people are so fixated on their problems that they refuse to see the opportunities they have.

If you have legs, you can stand up and do something — right now.


Nikita Ustiantsev

20 y.o, musculoskeletal disorder

I bear no grudges. I was born like that and am used to my state.


Zosya Bobrovskaya

25 y.o, ICP (infantile cerebral paralysis)

Beauty for me is something from the inside, in your heart.

The soul shall be able to feel, love and sympathize.



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Natalia Presnyakova

23 y.o, oncology

Yes, you don’t have eyebrows and lashes, but at least you are alive.

And once you think so, your attitude changes.


Maria Menshenina

24 y.o, ICP (infantile cerebral paralysis)

You don’t need to have pity for someone. 

It`s better to  say: “You are strong. You can do it all – go and live your life!”


Vladimir Vaskevich

24 y.o, sightless

I have learned to take my blindness as my strength, not weakness. My new opportunity.

Do not look for excuses. Just do.



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Anna Marinich

19 y.o, alopecia

This experience gave me a valuable lesson: if a change in your appearance brings about a change in other people’s attitude toward you, this simply means that they are not your people.



29 y.o, geterochromia

You don’t need to fear being different.

Some people invest their money and energy into this, and some have it from birth. Just like me.


Vlada Lokaeva

24 y.o, ICP (infantile cerebral paralysis)

I do not consider my peculiarity as a disadvantage. It is a fact, and I cannot hide myself of that. I do not know alternative life that is why I don’t go sour on my life.



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Natalia Ivoninskaya

58 y.o, age model

Of course beauty is related to age, but its main component is the inner beauty. If beauty shines from within, you can build your body accordingly.


Olga Orinicheva

35 y.o, supporting-motor apparatus disabilities

In 2001 I got into a road traffic accident. I was going to celebrate my full age. 

I came to myself with brain concussion, hole in my lung, busted ribs and spine bone. I could not walk anymore.


Pavel Lesnikov

20 y.o, albinism

I am happy, that I was not born in Africa, because there are a lot of myths and superstitions about albinos there.

You can be killed because they need the talisman of fertility for example.



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Tatiana Ziulikova

30 y.o, glaucoma

If you see a person walking with a white cane, you should be glad for them because now they have their freedom of movement and action and need not depend on anyone else.


Anna Zubova

38 y.o, vitiligo

I am what I am.

Vitiligo is my innate decoration.


Albina Toritsina

32 y.o, congenital hand anomaly

The peer pressure I had to handle has made me stronger.

Do not allow a petty encounter to spoil your life.


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Valentina Kuklina

6 y.o, alopecia

I wish people knew more about alopecia. It is not an oddity. It just exists.


Vyacheslav Degtyaryov

31 y.o, autism

Slava is physically handicapped. He is incapable of having his own family and living on his own. It is hard to put up with.



Irina Terentyeva

31 y.o, hearing pathology

People who hear can’t talk to the deaf. I have to turn to them in many cases but they can barely understand me.


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