Natalia Ivoninskaya
58 y.o, age model

Natalia has a special honorable role in our project: she transmits the idea that beauty is possible at any age.

Delicate, lively,  brisk yet incredibly stately, she mesmerizes you the first time you look at her. She is, indeed, an ageless woman.


«Of course beauty is related to age, but its main component is the inner beauty. If beauty shines from within, you can build your body accordingly.

“A child between the age of 3 and 5 has the greatest impulse to learn new things. You should always stay in this period. It is a physical state, one of inner spontaneity and freedom without any blocks. It is a state of constant searching, ‘What do we have here? And over there?’


“Russian women should be freed from emotional stress, politics and financial problems. Our women take too much on themselves, and this exhaustion shows.


“You should value time. There are 10080 minutes in one week, and they should be allocated as effectively as possible. Don’t get sloppy. It’s very hard to pull yourself together, so it’s better to always stay in shape.


“I feel comfortable at any stage of life, including my current age. I have less responsibilities and more freedom now. People who reach the retirement age should never say to themselves, ‘Ah, now I’m retired, so let me just sit at the window and stare out.’ This is where your life will end—right in front of that window. Open the door, grab your skis and poles and go out for a walk. Wear smart clothes and socialize. If you used to be a passionate theater-goer, renew your passion. Love yourself. Go out shopping, pick something nice and buy it—just because you deserve this.


“Don’t drag your past behind you. Go forward».

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