Valentina Kuklina
6 y.o, alopecia

"It all started when Valyia went to kindergarten. In a month she caught chickenpox and the first focus of disease showed up. So the never-ending visits to clinics started.

Valyia worries about her appearance, sometimes more, sometimes she even doesn’t care. She doesn’t like to be in public without a hat, because people will laugh.  Adults don’t look much, kids always ask about her. If there are no grown-ups around, children can laugh at her.

There are no such problems with our friends. They never mind. Valyia has a friendly group at kindergarten.

There is no remedy for alopecia, hair may grow again on its own with no connection to treatment. Valyia hopes it will grow back. I want her to have joy in life. I fear her school years, kids may be mean. But we’ll cross the bridge when we come to it.

I wish people knew more about alopecia. It is not an oddity. It just exists".

Lizaveta Ignatyeva, mother