Vlada Lokaeva
24 y.o, ICP (infantile cerebral paralysis)

«In my case ICP is evident as I cannot keep balance while walking, I need supporter, I use walking frame. I cannot move fast; what takes 5 minutes for normal people will take 20 minutes for me.


But mostly I am bothered not by this, but of impossibility to move in the city, because if need to get to some place I have to call a taxi or ask my friends. To travel in public transport is unreal. There are some busses in the city, which have wheelchair ramp, but the drivers of those busses seeing handicapped person on a bus stop rarely stops, because they do not want to go out and help us to get in the bus. Thus, we do not have a chance to go to work every day and we have to search for work-at-home job and appear in fact locked up.  


The infrastructure is undeveloped, it is one of the main reasons why people with disabilities cannot go outside and live life to the full. There is no infrastructure in our city. There is some infrastructure in new buildings and districts. In my house there is no and never been. The wheelchair ramp, which is built in our house, is constructed with very high angle and it is not safe to use it.


I do not consider my peculiarity as a disadvantage. It is a fact, and I cannot hide myself of that. I do not know alternative life that is why I don’t go sour on my life. I was born that way, I am just simply grateful that I live.


It is not worth to live a sheltered life and be afraid of this world. Some people are shocked by the manner of my walking. Now there is no drama for me. I got used to the reaction of people by that much and I am no more bothered about it.


I cannot name myself as a happy person, but normal person».

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