Vladimir Vaskevich
24 y.o, sightless

Public speaker, author of “Limitless Travel”. Visited more than 20 countries (also hitch-hiking). Works as a Maths and IT teacher at the School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Guides city tours in darkness.


As a result of retinoblastoma I lost my both eyes at the age of 3. Certainly there is a difference between people blind from birth and those who lost eyesight at a conscious age. I don’t know what color is, or what darkness is. I don’t see darkness — I see nothing. Imagine being asked whether you feel your kidney, or your arm. Same thing, I have eyes but I see no darkness. It’s alright.


Beauty is nothing without connection to personality. Right or wrong, but I never see the looks of a person, I deal with the soul straight away. Yes, this is one of the main perks of the blind.


All our life we fight with our own limits. Our ups and downs are the result of breaking these limits. Those who do it are two steps ahead. I have learned to take my blindness as my strength, not weakness. My new opportunity.


Everyone has their opportunity, and they have to use it. Do not look for excuses. Just do.