Zosya Bobrovskaya
25 y.o, ICP (infantile cerebral paralysis)

My disease had affected not only my appearance but also my inner world. From the outside, it is a disorder of coordination, speech and movement. From the inside – I take everything too personally. I often feel terrible anxiety, fear and panic.

I try to move around by myself, with the help of a walker. When I need to ask anything from bypassers, I type on my mobile. The most challenging thing is that not everybody accepts me as I am – whether out of fear or ignorance. People react in different ways when they see me: some reject me, the others think I’m inadequate. It happens not because such people are stupid, they just close their hearts from me.

I don’t feel aggrieved, people are different, each and every one has his own problems. However, if they could hear me and gave me a chance to speak out, I wouldn’t be so sick at heart.

I’m afraid that because of my disease I will not be able to find my “other half” – a person who will love me as I am. I’m afraid to search for this love. Unfortunately, nowadays it is not easy to find a kind and radiant man, who would accept me as is, although I know that true and pure love does exist.

I don’t have any particular hangups due to my disease; I only have a slightly different jaw.

When I decided to register in social network, I didn’t show my real face, as I was afraid that people will ridicule me. Only in 2012 when I studied in an institute, I registered my real profile and have a few thousand of friends and other contacts now.

Beauty for me is something from the inside, in your heart.

The soul shall be able to feel, love and sympathize.